Let’s Talk About My Foot

This is the bottom of my left foot. 

Doesn’t look right, does it? Well, it’s been like that– calloused toes and strange calloused skin on the ball of my foot — since sometime last spring. 

The summer of 2015 I had plantars fasciitis pain in my heels so I changed where my foot was striking the pavement. Eventually I developed this new, possibly more serious, issue. My doctor says I have a neuroma and I’m sure that’s true. A neuroma is a cyst that forms around and inflamed nerve. It’s the result of my foot striking against the ground millions of times. And about 2 months ago it flared so badly I had a run where I had to stop, take my shoe and sock off, then try to run/limp home while running on the side of my left foot. It felt like there was an electrical shock coursing through my toes. 

After that I bought new inserts and started sticking a callous cushion to the bottom of my foot every time I head out for a run. It definitely helps. I haven’t had any more days of electricity shooting through my foot. But it’s clearly still not right. I wish I could slice out the callous that has formed in the bottom of my foot. I feel it even during the day when I’m walking around doing everyday stuff. But it’s not like a regular callous– the skin is hard but it doesn’t seem to really build up. Instead I feel almost like it’s forming inwardly, putting pressure on that flaring nerve.