The Murano Scarf

I modified this pattern pretty heavily. The pattern calls for size 0000 needles and lace weight yarn. I don’t own needles that size and I knew I wanted to use leftover Noro Silk Garden paired with a neutral colored yarn. I decided to use size 4 needles because they worked with the yarn I chose (the Noro paired with an off white skein of Cascade 220 superwash.) changing the needle size and yarn this significantly also required that I change the number of stitches I cast on. I figured out that the pattern was worked in multiples of 10, plus the selvedge stitches, so I cast on 55 stitches. The first section of the pattern is a ruffle, then the main part of the scarf is a slip stitch pattern. Once I got to the slip stitch portion I was able to easily memorize the 8  row repeat, which made the project one of my portable projects. I worked on it a little at home, but most of the knitting happened away from home while I waited. 

One of the things that always surprises me is how much a of a commitment scarves are. I like mine long. I usually shoot for them to be about as long as I am tall– 60″. That always takes more time than I think it should. When the scarf was almost as long as I was tall, I started the second ruffle. That was easily finished. I’m pleased with the scarf. I like the color changes in the 2 leftover skeins of Noro and I think it pits well with the white. I wouldn’t mind making the pattern again with a different color combination, or even on smaller needles. 

Project Details:

Pattern: Murano Scarf, from the Winter 2008 Interweave Knits

Needles: size 4, straight

Yarn: leftover skeins of Noro Silk Garden and Cascade 220 in white

Modifications: bigger needles, bigger yarn, less stitches