Why My Shoulders are Screaming

On Friday I finally followed through with an intention I had formed more than a year ago. I made a date with my friend Jazmyn to go to the gym so she could show me how to use some of the weight lifting equipment. I have wanted, ever since I added a regular core exercise into my routine, to learn how to do some lifting. But. I was also completely intimidated. It seemed like the kind of thing where the probabability of 1. Injury and 2. Humiliation were high. I needed a buddy who could walk up to those weights with confidence, state down the dudes all trying to look like Superman, and then show me what to do with them. 
The first thing I noticed on the weights side of the gym was all the dudes. Lifting weights. Using the machines. Were they going to watch me? My anxiety, already amped up, ticked up another notch. The second thing I noticed was the wall of mirrors. And the third was the one other woman using the weights. I still felt like a fish out of water but I started to relax when Jazmyn showed me the first repeat. Ince I got into the rhythm of the movements my anxiety dampened and then the pain began. I’m only using 5 pound weights. 5 pounds. Doesn’t seem like much. But it is. After 40 repeats of the same move. 
Jazmyn showed me several exercises that I can do with the weights and explained her routine to me. Then she showed me how to use some of the machines– another thing I wouldn’t attempt in my own for fear of doing it wrong. By the end of our 30 minutes in the gym my arms and shoulders were more sore than they have been in a good long time. But it felt good. And I felt strong. So I did it again yesterday.