Winter Fresh

I love eating vegetables but I want them to be fresh. This is a challenge in the winter. There aren’t many vegetables that are still fresh in January. Except kale. Kale is so hardy it will keep growing even after it freezes. So, as soon as all the other greens start to look wilted and about 2 minutes away from turning to slime, I start buying kale by the bunch. 

Kale is the perfect winter green. It will keep for a week or more in my refrigerator. You can pair it with vinegary dressings and sweet vegetables like carrots and spicy ones like onions. And the best thing about kale? You can dress it, put it in the fridge, and it will taste even better the next day. And that’s what I do.

Twice a week I chop up onions, parsley or cilantro, tear up a bowl full of kale and grate a couple of carrots. Then I toss it all together with whatever dressing I have available and let it sit overnight before dividing it into single servings that I pack in my lunch. Sometimes I add pickled onions or different veggies. Cracked black pepper and sea salt is also nice. 

Kale is full of iron, calcium, vitamin c and several other vitamins and minerals. And when I eat it I feel like I’m doing something good for my body.