Ankle Breakers

Yesterday was another day when I questioned why I was out in the slush. My feet sunk and then slipped backward a little with each step: sink, slide, push, step, sink, slide, push, step. Several times I had to readjust my balance midstride to avoid falling in the wet, cold, granules. When I started my run I had planned on running a little over 3 miles but by the time I crossed the Post Street bridge I thought, “well, I can do 4. Maybe 5.” As I climbed the hill under the Monroe Street bridge I knew that the next mile was going to be slushy. I knew it was going to be a challenge for my hips and my back. But I also knew that I would feel better for having made it. 

So I pressed on. It was eerily empty once I got past the new business district at Kendall Yards. I kept a close eye on the river side of the trail as I ran. My second biggest fear while running is being surprised by someone. Normally there are other walkers on the trail but not this week– not with the arctic chill, followed by epic slush right before Christmas. 

By the time I made it back to the Y I was satisfied with my run and sore in other than usual places (low back, hips and left knee.) Yesterday was much like many other days in my running life– there is no why. To quote Scott Jurek– sometimes you just do things. 

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