As soon as September comes around I start to think of knitting. Wool. Needles. Sitting quietly in my chair by the window, fingers in constant motion. It’s like a fever that comes on me. I yearn to knit. Does that sound strange? Perhaps melodramatic? If so, it is the truth. I yearn to knit. I start daydreaming about projects. Fantasizing about sweaters, mittens, hats and shawls. 
This year it was the Glasgow Sweater. It’s been staring at me from the cover of the Winter issue of Interweave Knits ever since it arrived. It’s cabled and slightly slouchy with a crew neck. Simple in construction but interesting enough to hold my attention during the hours I will spend making it. 

But it wasn’t on my list. The list in my head of projects that are upcoming. Some of the projects on the list are meant to satisfy my never ending quest to cover those I love in hand knit goods. Mittens for my boyfriend. Socks for my son. Some are things I have planned out and purchased the yarn for, but haven’t started yet. 

Even though it wasn’t on my list, I decided that I had to make it anyway. And that is how 7 skeins of lovely olive green malabrigo ended up in my knitting basket. This yarn is so beautiful. It feels like silk running through my fingers. It’s so soft it catches the dry skin on my fingertips. And it changes depending on the light. It’s not a solid color, but instead several shades of green, between dark blackish green and a much lighter olive green. 

I couldn’t wait to wind a skein and start swatching, even though I had other unfinished projects. 

I got gauge on my first set of swatches. I was suspicious of this, but cast in right away anyway.

Once I was through the ribbing, the pattern section was easy to set up and easy to put down and pick back up again. It’s really the perfect project for me and for this time of year. The lead up to Christmas means that I am making lots of things for other people. Some of them will be knit, and some will be in other forms, but there is always a lot. I need to be able to put down one project and work on another without losing my place in the pattern. In my overpacked life, full to bursting with things-I-must-do, this project provides the perfect distraction– enjoyable but not too demanding. 

That’s about 12″ of knitting. 

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