About breakfast

So, yeah. Breakfast. It’s important. You should definitely be eating it. It’s really important to put some fuel in your tank after fasting for 8 or more hours. For years, before I had a kid, I didn’t eat breakfast. I would get up in the morning minutes before I needs to leave the house, grab coffee, and subsist on the caffeine, milk and sugar until lunchtime. And when lunch came I would be positively starving. Once I had a kid that never slept I did start eating breakfast but I didn’t really think about what I was putting in my body. Usually I ate cereal. That was ok but loading up on high sugar breakfast cereal isn’t the best choice either. I didn’t really think about breakfast, really think about it, until I started running.

Once I started running breakfast became a necessity. I would get up in the morning, throw on my running clothes, and go out for 20 minutes, 30, 45. And when I got back I would drink a glass of water and shower. I needed food when I was done and I had no time or energy to think about what I was going to have. My first foray into “breakfast” was oatmeal. I would put 1/3 c. of steel cut oats in a bowl with a handful of dried fruit and set a Pyrex measuring cup with 2/3 c. water in it next to the bowl. When I would return to my second story apartment after the run I would stumble through the door, pour the water in the bowl, then shove the bowl in the microwave and turn it on before jumping in the shower. 10 minutes later I would emerge. My oatmeal would be ready and I would eat it standing up before running out the door to get to work. This method lasted about a year, maybe a little longer.


Then I decided to run a marathon. That’s when I really got serious about breakfast. I started out making smoothies: Greek yogurt, greens, frozen blueberries, a banana and enough milk to make it all blend. That was good and lasted for several months (probably six.) then I decided to change it up again. I found a recipe for chia seed and oatmeal pudding on the Oh She Glows blog. I modified the recipe to make it less sugary: oatmeal, chia seeds, coconut milk, cinnamon and cardamom. I would eat it every morning with a banana on top. Also good. Lately, I’ve been eating a slice of toast with tahini butter and a banana. This breakfast has the most protein of any of the options I’ve explored so far. It has protein, carbs and sugar. I also have a cup of coffee every morning. Caffeine not only helps me wake up and get energized, it also has analgesic properties, which help me run easier. image

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